Proud To Be Me Campaign
Pitched and accepted by Loughborough University, our work was shown within Loughborough Student's Union, an award-winning location and popular meeting place for students, academics and professional sportsmen and women.
Project focus:
Addressing and supporting the issue of mental health amongst students, this campaign promotes positive mental health and confidence.
Campaign strategy:
The aim is to highlight the diversity of the student experience and emphasise that feeling comfortable in your own skin means different things to different people. We wanted to inspire Loughborough students to get involved in the campaign by sharing on social media what makes them proud to be who they are, using the #PROUDTOBEME hashtag.
Creative direction:
We understand that young people are under ever-increasing scrutiny and judgement by others. Loughborough University - where sports are a prominent part of student life even for those who don't play one themselves - other interests and achievements can be overshadowed. We wanted to make sure throughout the video campaign viewers would be able to see a variety of hobbies and interests coinciding with each other.