Nike London: On air
Project overview: 
In celebration of Nike Airmax day, Nike invited me down to White Rabbit studios in Shoreditch to work on producing the next airmax silhouette to represent London. I took it further by creating a marketing and design strategy that takes cues from modern editorial design and hosts an extensive number of assets — from live action, 3D, typographical design, right the way through to cel animation. 
Skepta famous UK grime artist and fashion connoisseur 
Courtney Daily is the Nike VP Creative Director of Colour and Design
The influential streetwear designer Alexandra Hackett, also known as MiniSwoosh
Nate Jobe Nike senior design director 
Mr. Bailey founder of Concept Kicks 
Initial Design Focus: 
concept development, silhouette selection, material and colour exploration and final embellishment. 
Digital Rendering: 
Create a digital visualisation of the airmax using various software including CAD.
Marketing Strategy:
Develop an extensive number of assets and understand how they can be implemented by Nike to promote the newly created airmax.
Video Campaign: 
Create a short video campaign to be presented to Nike showcasing the influences that led me to make certain design choices.
Software used: 
CAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects.