Project overview: 
The high street is dying and online is taking over. Reward me was designed to incentivise consumers to return to the high street. Keeping it friendly and easy to use. 
User-centric design:
This app was created with the user at the heart of the design proccess rapid prototyping, surveying and user feedback was a great part of the success of RewardMe.
Simplified shopping experience: 
Taking the guess work out of the highstreet experience. All valid vouchers and offers will be visible in one easy to use the place, just scan them at checkout. RewardMe learns from the user, structuring offers and events making sure you don't miss out on the things you love.
Social focus:
Implementing a referral system to incentivise the shopper to share the app with their friends. Rewarding loyal shoppers with exclusive offers, priority access to events and vouchers. We wanted to introduce interconnectivity into the high street shopping experience.
Data gathering:
This app is a valuable data gathering service, mapping out a users journey throughout the mall, understanding user buying patterns and monitoring user behaviours.