Adidas Store Experience
“What I really loved about the products in the mid-‘80s was it was a time where the future was the thing. No one had computers at home you know? We, as a German brand, we're making this wearable technology when no one actually had the computers".
Project overview:
The goal of this project was to take a product and innovate the way it was presented to the public, I wanted to look at creating an in-store experience that represents the brand's ideals and goals.
Product focus:
The adidas NMD represents people who want to accommodate the modern life, somebody who is constantly on the move. The urban environment is their playground. I looked at the NMD as a weapon, a tool, something you could always rely on. I wanted to emulate the relationship between a samurai and their sword.
In-depth research
I wanted to get a first-hand experience of how adidas implement different techniques and technologies to create an immersive experience for consumers. 
The Adidas store had an effective strategy for showing off its products, often placing shoes against walls with muted colours and using small, rectangular posters to separate the shoes into smaller groups that were easy to visually process. The stores also emphasized interactivity in creative ways. From screens to touch and play with, to places to test their products, adidas aren't afraid to allow the public to really experience what they had to offer.
An immersive interactive experience
adidas wants to be at the forefront of technological advancements. Implementing augmented reality I wanted to enhance the way a customer was able to experience adidas stores and products. Size, product information, stock levels, colours are all available using the augmented reality glasses on the specialised posters.