My Story

I have been creating since the age of four. I have a couple of distinct memories of my school years being the class clown and making everyone laugh and sitting there for ages drawing all over my sketchbooks planning out what my next greatest invention would be. 
Designing at such from such a young age, I was able to develop a strong portfolio work and was accepted to study Graphic Communication and Illustration at Loughborough University.
Studying at Loughborough has been the greatest three years of my life, I found my love for fashion and music, realised my strengths, made friends for life and most of all, rekindled my passion for design. 
This is where you become part of my story. I want to work with big thinkers, risk takers, storytellers and those who want to change the world through their work. If that sounds anything like you, drop me a message I would love to be a part of your journey.
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